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What Are Tantra Tutorials?

Tantra Tutorials is the sexiest online fitness studio teaching you Pole Dance, Exotic Dance, Lap Dance, Striptease, and more! Our members get access to a growing library of over 350 full-length HD video lessons that have been tried and tested at our Tantra Fitness Studio.

We have trained beginners all the way to winning international competitors. Our instructors take pride in giving you the best break downs for every move with detailed explanations.

Become a Tantra Tutorials member today and see why thousands of women who have been to Tantra Fitness swear by our quality instruction.

Message From Tammy Morris, Creator of Tantra Tutorials

Thank you for visiting Tantra Tutorials!  I'm so excited to share the knowledge of pole fitness that I have gathered over my 16 years’ experience as an exotic dancer and pole fitness instructor.

I know many of my students have spent hours tirelessly searching the Internet for detailed instruction and quality video of their favourite and most-desired pole dance moves.  Now you can stop searching, and start learning with me and my qualified team of Tantra Fitness instructors!  We have also created lessons for exotic dance, lap dance, and striptease as a part of your subscription package.  These tutorials will not only help you feel sexier, we also show you how to achieve these sexy movements to help you be the most graceful you can be.

Tantra Tutorials is committed to going above-and-beyond with cues on safety, proper muscle engagement and body alignment, and describing the technique behind every move in our online lessons.

What We Teach

Pole Dance

Our pole dance and pole fitness lessons focus on safety and technique with a sexy flare. We provide pole conditioning exercises to get you progressively stronger and fitter to do each move. Unlike many other studios and online lessons that only teach you just the move itself, Tantra Tutorials teaches you ways to get into each move gracefully as well as how to exit or transition into your next move.

Preview Our Pole Dance Tutorials HERE

Exotic, Lap Dance & Striptease

Our Exotic Dance, Lap Dance & Striptease Tutorials teach you sexier, controlled and graceful moves that will firm and lengthen your body. We'll give you the breakdown of every move (from beginner to advanced), as well as modifications and exercises for strength and conditioning. Most importantly, we also teach you full, intimate routines.

Preview Exotic, Lap Dance & Striptease Tutorials HERE

Pole Preparation Techniques

Proper warm up and cool down routines are some of the best ways to help you progress through moves faster. Our team has designed specialized pre and post workout routines that will help you stay injury free, and maximize your fitness and progression on the pole!

Preview Our Warm Up & Cool Down Tutorials HERE

Conditioning & Flexibility

Our pole conditioning and flexibility tutorials are an essential part of every category. We cover a variety of specialized flexibility exercises so that you can more easily work through moves. Our conditioning tutorials will make you stronger, and help you progress through our levels faster.

Preview our Conditioning & Flexibility Tutorials HERE

Amanda Louie Amanda Louie

“I recently moved to South East Asia and the only thing I knew I was going to miss from home was Pole and Exotic Dance at Tantra Fitness! So I bought a subscription to Tantra Tutorials. I can practice technical pole at the studios here and still continue to work on the sexy style and floor moves that Tantra offers. Many of the videos are over 5 minutes long so each move is really broken down into detail as to how it works. The instructors are great with explaining everything and, it’s by far the SEXIEST dance and workout you’ll ever do!!

Jessica Grove Jessica Grove

When I found out about the Tantra Fitness Online Tutorials, I got a subscription right away. I love that I can watch the Tutorials as many times as I want. The instructors do a great job of making things simple and easy to follow, even if the moves are not always easy to do! I love that I can warm up to strengthening moves or exotic floor work then attempt combinations on the pole or dance routines, all in the comfort of my own home. I still visit the Tantra Fitness studio every chance I get, but now they are readily available at my convenience whenever and wherever I wish! Who could ask for anything better!

What You Get With Tantra Tutorials

Professional HD Training Videos

No more second-guessing the instructor because of poor video quality! All Tantra Tutorials are professionally shot in high definition and allow HD playback so that it’s easy for you to follow along and learn the moves and routines.

Exclusive Guest Tutorials

Every Tantra Tutorials subscriber gets exclusive access to special guest instructor tutorials created by some of the biggest names in the industry! Theres no stock footage here, each guest tutorial is created and filmed in our Tantra Fitness Studio especially for Tantra Tutorials.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels

Tantra Tutorials has something for every level, whether you’re just starting out, or have years of dance experience. We have tutorials that focus on everything from sexy lap dance routines to specific conditioning workouts for professional dancers.

Detailed, Professional instruction

Tantra Tutorials are modelled after actual classes that thousands of women take in our Tantra Fitness studios. Every online lesson is taught with a focus on learning, giving complete breakdowns of how to perform each move for maximum results.

24/7 Account Based Access

As a Tantra Tutorials member your subscription is available to you 24 hours a day, every day with your own unique username and password. No messing around with access links, simply log into your account anywhere in the world and access our entire video library!

Ongoing Support and Lesson Planning

We help you get the best results by guiding you towards your goals with proven lesson plans by Tammy Morris, founder of Tantra Fitness. Lesson plans are available to all Tantra Tutorials members at no extra charge, and are updated monthly!

Lynda Allen

I LOVE Tantra Tutorials…they are by far my absolute favourite virtual instruction for pole fitness and dance.  I have watched and seen many different on-line tutorials, and none of them come close to the personal professionalism that you get with Tantra Fitness.  The explanations and demonstrations are very thorough, clear and progressive.  The design of each video is consistent, there are no surprises or differentiating components that suggest the lessons are not actually taught by instructors at Tantra Fitness.  The broad variety of lessons in both style and skill level allow for building on that which is already known (strengthening/conditioning) and learning something new, developing and progressing specific skills.

Lynda Allen

How Much Does It Cost?

Most people that come into our studios pay over $150 per month for access to all of our pole dance, lap dance, striptease, and other fitness classes. One-on-one private lessons from certified instructors routinely cost more than $150 per hour!

Our goal with Tantra Tutorials is to provide everyone with the same level of professional lessons that our studio members and pole enthusiasts receive in an affordable online format. You can get access to our Tantra Tutorials library for less than $1 per day!

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Mallory Dalsin

After dancing ballet for 10 years I dislocated my knee and was forced to stop. Years went by, and upon moving to Vancouver I decided to try it again – only to feel frustrated. Shortly after I discovered Tantra Fitness. Due to work commitments I didn’t start attending classes consistently until about three years ago. I loved the challenge of the classes, the feeling of community, how strong I was getting and how great I always felt afterwards. However, I travel a lot for work, and I found that prior to the Tutorials I would come back home and have to re-learn things I had perfected, and re-work on my strength and flexibility. When Tantra Tutorials started I decided to sign up; this enabled me to take Tantra Fitness with me wherever and whenever I traveled. Not only has it helped me maintain my strength and flexibility it has also helped me when I’m back on the pole. Primarily when I need a quick refresher to remember how to do certain moves, or how moves can be put together to form combos, or even learning new moves that haven’t come up in class yet. Thanks to Tantra Tutorials I can continue to feel the strength and confidence I get from the studio while I am away from it.

Mallory Dalsin
I find the Tantra Tutorials to be very helpful and use them to supplement or prepare for my classes. The tutorial instructions break down the individual moves or sequence of moves in a basic step-by-step manner that allows you to understand and see how a move or step is performed. It is helpful to be able to review the tutorials as often as I like and whenever I like. Each time I review a tutorial I remember just a little bit more of the technical aspect of a move or I notice some detail of the instructor’s body movement that allows me to incorporate this knowledge and improve my dancing. As a “slow learner”, I find repetition to be very helpful so the tutorials allow me to repeatedly review instructions without always having to be in a class. Melanie

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho's behind Tantra Tutorials?

    Tantra Tutorials are created, and managed by the team from Tantra Fitness Studios in Vancouver, Canada. We are a full time pole fitness studio that has been offering fun and unique classes to our members since 2004. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about helping individuals reach their goals!

  • q-iconI'm new to pole, is this going to be too advanced for me?

    Not at all! Tantra tutorials have full sections of foundation tutorials, specifically created for people who are new to pole. We make sure to break down each move into easy to follow components so that you can follow along and develop your skills properly over time.

  • q-iconDo you have intermediate and advanced tutorials?

    Yes! We have years of experience coaching at the national level, and have incorporated our top tier expertise into Tantra Tutorials. If you are already at an intermediate, advanced, or even super advanced level you will find a large number of tutorials that will keep you challenged and working!

  • q-iconHow do I access the videos?

    All of our members get individual accounts and passwords. You can use your account to log in and watch tutorials on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone), anywhere in the world, at any time!

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