Tutorial Questions

Who created Tantra Tutorials? +

Who created Tantra Tutorials?

Tantra Tutorials are created, and managed by the team from Tantra Fitness Studios in Vancouver, Canada. We are a full time pole fitness studio that has been offering fun and unique classes to our members since 2004. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about helping individuals reach their goals!

I'm new to pole, is this going to be too advanced for me? +

I'm new to pole, is this going to be too advanced for me?

Not at all! Tantra Tutorials have full sections of foundation tutorials, specifically created for people who are new to pole. We make sure to break down each move into easy to follow components so that you can follow along and develop your skills properly over time.

Do you have intermediate and advanced tutorials? +

Do you have intermediate and advanced tutorials?

Yes! We have years of experience coaching at the national level, and have incorporated our top tier expertise into Tantra Tutorials. If you are already at an intermediate, advanced, or even super advanced level you will find a large number of tutorials that will keep you challenged and working!

Do I get access to all of the tutorials? +

Do I get access to all of the tutorials?

Yes! Both of our Gold and Platinum members get full access to all of Tantra Tutorials. Including our full video library, guest tutorials, and monthly workouts. The only difference in plans is that Gold members are billed monthly, while Platinum members are billed yearly.

Billing Questions

How often am I billed? +

How often am I billed?

Gold members are billed once per month on a recurring basis. For example, if you sign up as a gold member on February 15th you will be billed on February 15th, then on March 15th.

Platinum Members are billed once per year on a recurring basis.

Membership billing is automatically set to recur when you create your account but can be cancelled at any time.

How do I cancel my membership? +

How do I cancel my membership? You may cancel your Tantra Tutorials membership at any time (we'll be a bit sad to see you go though!). To cancel your subscription with us:

  1. Log into your PayPal Account
  2. Go to Profile > More Options
  3. Go to My Money
  4. Find My Preapproved payments and click Update
  5. Find Tantra Tutorials under the merchant column and click on it
  6. Click Cancel in the status field to cancel your account

Membership billings are pro-rated so if you cancel your membership you will still be able to access Tantra Tutorials for the remainder of your billing period. For example, if you created a Gold membership on March 20 and cancel it on April 1st you will still get access until 11:59pm April 19th. If you have questions about cancellations please email us at [email protected]