Tantra Tips with Tammy Morris

Stay sexy with some of my top tips for exotic dance and striptease!

Here's what we're going to review

  • 4 of the most important moves that I teach to my students
  • The Golden Rule of sensual dance
  • The 3 most frequently asked questions about exotic dance

The Four Most Important Moves for Exotic Dance/Striptease

The key to being sexy is to have good fundamentals (hahah boring!!) I've taught thousands of students and these are the best moves to know!

Rule of Opposites

The Rule of Opposites, rules all rules in Exotic Dance and Striptease. In general, it’s the basic theory that differentiates sensual dance to other styles like contemporary or ballet. It accentuates your sexy curves, and promotes mobility in your hips and spine. If you feel stiff, keep practicing! It takes time to really perfect this rule until it becomes second nature.

Walking in Heels

In our everyday lives, most of us either avoid heels completely, or walk in heels with our hips in a “restricted” manner. When you are in Striptease or Exotic Dance mode, you will need to change your posture, tighten your core, and get mobility in your hips to make it look authentic. 

Figure 8

We use figure 8 a lot! It’s a basic movement we use on it’s own standing up, or applied to many other moves on and off the pole. It’s instinctual to do figure 8's with your hips swaying from front-to-back, but in Exotic Dance, it accentuates the curves more to bring your hips back-to-front. Remember the rule of opposites here!


When you think about crawling, it seems like a simple task, but to make it sexy takes more coordination and technique. It may feel very unnatural in the beginning. The most important thing is not to rush when you are learning the sexy crawl. Take it step-by-step until you’ve “got the groove”. You will be applying the Rule of Opposites and even the walking technique in the first tutorial as you will need to transfer your weight from side to side.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my years as an instructor I get asked the three questions below more than any others.

  • q-iconNone of these movements make me feel sexy. What am I doing wrong, am I just not sexy?

    Sexy is a style, not unlike Lyrical or Modern.  It takes a lot of learning and a lot of practice to obtain a certain style of dance.  No ones is a Lyrical Dancer overnight and no one is a Sexy Dancer overnight, it has to be learned and it can take longer form some people.  It took me 2 years to really become a flawless and fluid sexy dancer and that was doing it 6 days a week!  So don’t be discouraged.  You may actually feel less sexy when you start but it will come, I promise!

  • q-iconI can’t do a lot of tricks on the pole, does this mean I can’t do Exotic Dance until I get better on the pole?

    You do need to be able to understand basic momentum but you do not need to be able to do tricks, you don’t even need to invert. Exotic Dance is a style that you can practice with simple transitions and floor movements, then you can add in harder pole moves as you learn them.

  • q-iconDo I have to wear heels to do Exotic Dance or Striptease?

    You do not have to wear heels but it is more flattering to be on the balls of you feet rather than a flat foot. With that in mind, it actually may be more difficult to balance on the balls of your feet without heels as opposed to just learning how to walk in a small stiletto. I do recommend platforms as the arch in the foot is much lower. You just have to be careful to keep keep the ankles stable so that you don’t roll. Because of this, I would recommend a tight fitting boot to offer the ankle support. Slip on’s would offer the least amount of support. Once you learn how to dance in heels, it will add to the feeling of sensuality in your Exotic or Striptease movement!

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