Exclusive Guest Tutorials

Enjoy exclusive lessons by some of the most popular artists today!

The Janeiro with Marion Crampe

The lovely Marion Crampe gives us a lesson on one of her signature moves, The Janeiro! This is an advanced move, so please be very comfortable inverting!

Oliver Pavick's Pegasus

Oliver will breakdown The Pegasus for you!  Make sure you are comfortable inverting into an inside leg hang, and stretch out your splits first!

The Titanic with Veronica Solimano

Watch as Veronica gives you a thorough breakdown of the popular Titanic! Learn some tips to keep you up sailing...just like the movie. *Insert Titanic theme song*.

Preparation for Yogini with Amy Guion

Amy Guion gives us an amazing tip to make our Yogini on the pole look beautiful! Use those legs!

Chinese Pole Advanced Combo with Vladimir Karachunov

Be ready to be amazed. Please, only try this move if you are a super-advanced pole dancer! If you are beginner to advanced, watch for inspiration...and keep practicing till you're ready for this!

Inversion Variation with Phoenix Kazree

Big thank you to Phoenix Kazaree for her amazing workshops at Tantra Fitness, and this beautiful tutorial for another awesome way to go upside down!

The Machine Gun with Crystal Lai

Make sure you have stretched your splits before doing this move. Crystal will give you a breakdown of this move from the floor, and then mid-pole.

The Gold Digger Drop with Maiko Starr 

At the Great Canadian Pole Expo in Mississauga, Ontario! Here is Maiko Starr from Alternative Fitness Montreal and her Gold Digger Drop.

The Elbow Plank with Nadyne Moldowan 

The newest Canadian Pole Fitness Champion 2013, Nadyne Moldowan from Femme Natale, BC! This is one of her moves from her winning routine, the Elbow Plank!

The Remi Sit with Charlee Wagner 

Thanks, Charlee for visiting us at Tantra Tutorials! Please be aware this move can be a bit uncomfortable at first on the knee joint.