Workout of the Month - March 2017

March 2017

This month is all about floor tricks and transitions using the pole! These moves can round out a routine or expand your movement vocabulary to utilize rolls, flips and spins that stay close to the ground.


Get your body moving and ready to flow. Focus on increasing mobility in the hips and shoulders so your body will be ready move in and out of the floor smoothly.


Once you have gotten your heart rate up, your muscles are warm, and your joints are lubricated and have moved in their full available range of motion you are ready to work on building up your strength.

Fireman Slides

Get those lats working with simple Fireman slides, or pull ups if you are a more advanced student. Focus on keeping the shoulders down and getting those tummy muscles working.

Pull Up Hip Lifts

The obliques are an important part of many moves that get your hips off of the floor. Combine what you worked on in your Fireman Slides with the added engagement of your side muscles.

Inversion Exercise

Choose the variation that is right for your level. Focus on those low abs as you curl your hips up.

The Moves

Booty Spin

Let's get comfortable sliding across the floor with this simple transition move. Try it with different tempos to see how this versatile spin can be used in lots of different styles of dance.

Bridge Roll

Make sure your neck is loose and warmed up before attempting this shoulder roll. Focus on arching the back as you kick over so the move feels similar to a fish flop.

Bembo Roll

This roll is a little more complicated and uses a chest stand position. Be sure to warm up your backbends before giving it a try. Keep those hips up high to take some pressure off the shoulders as you rotate through the move.

Low Butterfly Jump

Now let's try getting those hips off the ground! If you've never pushed off of the tops of your feet before, work on your toe pointe and ankle alignment before you give it a try.

Half Moon

This move requires a little bit more shoulder engagement. Push with the bottom arm and pull with the top arm to help get those hips as high as possible.


Now it's time to get those hips even higher! This fun cartwheel variation feels a little scary at first, try to go into with commitment to get the legs all the way over!

Cool Down

Finish your workout with a nice stretch! Breathe deep and release those muscles, especially around your core and shoulders.