Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We have answers! Here are the FAQ!

Who created Tantra Tutorials?

Tantra Tutorials are created, and managed by the team from Tantra Fitness Studios in Vancouver, Canada. We are a full-time pole fitness studio that has been offering fun and unique classes to our members since 2004. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about helping individuals reach their goals!

I’m new to pole, is this going to be too advanced for me?

Not at all! Tantra Tutorials have full sections of foundation tutorials, specifically created for people who are new to pole. We make sure to break down each move into easy-to-follow components so that you can follow along and develop your skills properly over time.

Do you have intermediate and advanced tutorials?

Yes! We have years of experience coaching at the national level and have incorporated our top-tier expertise into Tantra Tutorials. If you are already at an intermediate, advanced, or even super advanced level you will find a large number of tutorials that will keep you challenged and working!

Do I get access to all of the tutorials?

Yes! You get full access to all content in each platform you have subscribed to. If you’d like to access both on-demand and livestream classes, be sure to subscribe to both! Subscribers to both platforms receive 25% off the Livestream Membership! Email info@tantratutorials.com

Help! I’m stuck on a move!

Send us an email, we’re happy to help! Every day we teach hundreds of people at our Tantra Fitness studios. Pole is our passion and we created Tantra Tutorials to help you reach your goals. If you’re stuck on something, or just want a bit of general advice email us at info@tantratutorials.com

How often am I billed?

Members are billed once per month on a recurring basis. For example, if you sign up on February 15th, you will be billed on the 15th of each month.

Membership billing is automatically set to recur when you create your account but can be cancelled at any time.

How do I cancel my membership? 

There are no refunds once a membership payment has been processed, however you may cancel your On-Demand or Livestream memberships at any time (we’ll be a bit sad to see you go though!). To cancel your subscription follow the steps below:

For Tantra Tutorials Video on Demand cancellation steps click HERE.

To cancel your Livestream membership email us at: info@tantratutorials.com

What is the difference between the On-Demand And Livestream Memberships?

The On-Demand membership gives you access to 400+ online tutorials that you can access at any time. This membership is US$11.99+Tax/month and you can cancel anytime.

The Livestream Membership gives you access to our live weekly classes that are recorded and available for one week. This membership is CAD$49.99+Tax/month. Cancel anytime.

Sign up for both and receive 25% off the Livestream membership! Email us at info@tantratutorials.com

Straight-Forward Pricing

On-Demand or Live Classes! The choice is yours!

On Demand

$11.99 USD

$11.99 USD plus any tax each month thereafter at the current rate until you cancel. Cancel any time in your account settings.

Live Classes

$15 CAD

Starting at $15 CAD per class on a drop-in basis. Unlimited memberships available!

Your Online Pole Studio.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia but delivered to your laptop!

Tired of paying high studio membership fees?
Can’t ever remember what you learned in class?
Looking to get more flexible?
Hoping to gain some confidence?
Wanting to learn a sexy dance for a loved one?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Tantra Tutorials is the sexiest online fitness studio offering over 470 HD video lessons! Learn from the comfort of your own home on or off the pole. Learn Pole Fitness, Exotic Dance, Lap Dance, Striptease, Flexibility and more. From beginners to advanced, there is something for everyone.